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Illustrations below are featured in YOUR FIRST MOVES Journal

Illustrations below featured in YOUR NEXT MOVES Journal

    Developed since 1984, these popular classes have been taught in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand and are now available in two DVD series:

BackRescue Kit No. 1:
Your First Moves To Rescue Your Back. Thousands of clients with chronic back pain or back injuries have been referred to Felicia's informal and happily effective classes in babymoves;.

These are NOT exercises, but neurological steps that retrace how you first created all your movement abilities when you were an infant.

Now you can join in this easy and fascinating approach in the comfort of your own home. These DVD's gently lead you through movements that tap your natural reflexes to:
  • relieve back pain
  • improve posture
  • undo stress & stiffness
  • recover from injuries

Experience how you can easily recall your body's innate ability to undo chronic spasm from head to toe in gentle 1 to 5 minute movements.

These same movements have proven effective worldwide and are sought after by Physical and Occupational Therapists for use in their clinical practices, as well as Physicians, Psychologists, Midwives, and Feldenkrais(R) Practitioners.

BackRescue; Kit 1:
Your First Moves DVD Kit includes two innovations: Your First Moves Sequence DVD which briefly reviews the core moves taught in each class and an illustrated Journal which features additional information to guide the listener to share the experience of this approach with the students in the recorded classes. (Please check at bottom of page for a sample from one of the classes.)

BackRescue; Kit 2:
Your Next Moves is for the student who has completed the Your First Moves series and wishes to use the same gentle approach to increase their movement repertoire. Also appropriate for Feldenkrais trainees and graduate practitioners.

Your Next Moves DVD Kit uses a slower pace to focus on improving limited movement in the neck, hands, wrists, shoulders, upper back, hip joints, sacroiliac joints and feet.

This Kit also includes a companion illustrated Journal that guides the listener to share the experience of the students recorded in the classes.

Please check at end of page for a list of the classes featured in both Kits.

Both recorded series are based upon my study with Moshe Feldenkrais, D. Sc. and some of his leading colleagues, including Ruthy Alon, Anat Baniel, Julie Casson, Mia Segal, Chava Shelhav-Silberbush, and Gaby Yaron, as well as all my wonderful students through the years.

I was also honored to have as students Edward T. Hall and Erik Darling whose insights have contributed greatly to my synthesis of babymoves™.


Your First Moves To Rescue Your Back, DVD tapes:$125.00,16 CDs: $165.00, plus shipping of $10.00 via Priority Mail within the US.

No. 1: BackRescue Kit includes the complete eight class series on DVDs or CDs, Your First Moves Journal, and the innovative Your First Moves Sequence DVD or CD which briefly reviews the core moves taught in each class.

YOUR NEXT MOVES To Reclaim the Maximum Freedom of Movement, DVD tapes:$100.00, CDs to be priced

No. 2: Includes the complete eight class series DVDs and an illustrated Your Next Moves Journal.

Please inquire for shipping costs within the US. Simply email me your ZIP code at: .

Insurance, Certified or Registered Mail are available. Please make your check out to BackRescue:


P.O. Box 28068

Santa Fe, NM 87592-8068

Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. For more information, including shipping costs outside of the US, first please email:

For orders to Europe, you currently need to contact me directly at

Please email me before using PayPal ! Insurance is recommended for purchases outside of the US. Uninsured packages cannot be reimbursed if lost overseas.

(C)(P)2000 Your First Moves To Rescue Your Back and (C)(P)2002 Your Next Moves, by La Escuela Feliz, Inc.

Both DVD Kits include movements that I have found essential for my private clients through the years of my practice.

Your First Moves To Rescue Your Back DVDs include--

Class 1: Suckling, Toe Weaving, The Side Snuzzle/Class 2: Infant Reaching,The Infant Flop/ Class 3: The Gaby, Nesting Eyes (from Ruthy Alon),The Infant Flop/ Class 4: The Hamstring Buffet and Lumbar Release/ Class 5: Strolling Shoulders Series, The Side Ripple/ Class 6: The Slither/ Class 7: Zed Roll, Bear Cub Roll, Daddy Longlegs Roll/ Class 8: The Mystery Final Class (from Gaby Yaron). These classes include approximately 27 moves. Other innovations include lectures and brief segments of student comments, questions & answers.

Your Next Moves DVDs include--

Class 1: Reclaiming Your Hands/ Class 2: The Fringe Benefits of Toes!/ Class 3: The Leg Ouijee/ Class 4: Cobra Kissing For Silky Ribs/ Class 5: Tilting Legs For Mobile Hips/Class 6: Like An Egyptian Thoracic Magic/ Class 7: The Chava SI Swim (inspired by Chava)/ Class 8: Baby Breath, Bell Fingers & Toes. These classes include approximately 20 moves. Other innovations include lectures and brief segments of student comments, questions and answers.

Excerpted from Your First Moves Journal

The Gaby:

Allow your arm to gently carry your head upward only as far as is light and easy.

Slide your knee in toward your pelvis, hesitate, and allow your lower back muscles to melt.

Allow your knee to slide back out again. Rest for two or three breaths.

Nonchalantly check again how your arm may carry your head upward. Don't compete with this picture. Linda has been doing her Gaby for awhile now. Be truthful with yourself and only go as far as is light and easy. You will improve without pushing.


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