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    Another valuable tool I have found very useful for those suffering from back or neck pain are Eggs.

These colorful inflatable egg-shaped balls are recommended for:

1.  Back and head support for reading in bed or, in extreme cases, for those who must read lying on their stomachs, but cannot lie flat without pain.

The almost liquid feeling Eggs offer a complete and gentle support which also encourages tiny, therapeutic movements of the back and ribs.

2.  Arm support to use in combination with the
RescueRoller™ to facilitate the movements described in the RescueRoller™ Kit. Either the Orange or Yellow Egg is best for this purpose. Check sizes below.

For those who have recovered, the Egg Float, which includes one of each size and color, makes a wonderful alternative for sitting and lying.  They are fun and gently teach your back how to move normally.

For therapists, Felicia has developed the use of the Four Egg Float to access an exciting new 3-dimensional approach to "table" work. Workshop info is available via .

Linda Tumbarello, Physioballs and More. Linda has provided bodywork and movement classes at the School for Body-Mind Centering (BMC) for over twenty-two years. Linda teaches ongoing workshops in BMC in the US and Europe, and is currently writing a book on the therapeutic applications of eggs and physioballs.

For a full size range of all four eggs , Linda has a special introductory price of only $120.00. Free gift wrapping and discounts are available. The dimensions below are the length of each Egg.

Blue Egg 34" $45.00  5.5 lbs
Green Egg 24" $40.00  5.0 lbs
Orange Egg 21" $30.00 3.5 lbs
Yellow Egg 18" $25.00  3.0 lbs

For information and placing your order:

Telephone: (413) 586-5971

545 Riverside Drive
Northampton, MA 01060


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