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Notice the tilt of the pelvis created by the bike seat,

and a similar, back-releasing tilt when using the Seating Dynamics Seat Wedge.


Most back pain patients are well aware of their poor posture, and most people experience discomfort sitting.

It is only with a practical analysis of the skeleton, muscles and nerves affected by sitting, that some startling facts come to light:

1.  The human skeleton is designed to sit in a specific alignment which allows the back muscles to rest as they are  supported by the skeleton, and--

2.  It is only this alignment that evokes a specific nerve reflex which releases the back muscles as you sit so that--

3.  You will experience effortless, comfortable sitting--with perfect posture!

And last but not least--

99% of all the chairs and seats in our lives create exactly the opposite of what nature intended. In other words, for the majority of people with back trouble, half the problem is a lifetime of unhealthy chairs-- their chairs at work, their car seats, and their soft sofa at home.

However, as we cannot change all the detrimental seating in the world, one researcher has designed a portable wedge that converts poor chairs to a healthy, ergonomic support.

Mary Christiansen, founder of Seating Dynamics has specialized in the research and design of ergonomic environmental support. She has designed work and home spaces for individuals, corporate clients, and the auditorium seating for the Boston Symphony's Seijo Ozawa Hall at Tanglewood.

Seating Dynamics Seat Wedge is featured in this site because of my experience of its unique, effective, and necessary support for those with chronic back problems. I have been referring my back patients to these specific wedges for over fifteen years, and they report how their sitting posture improves, their back spasm lessens, and they experience a new pleasure in sitting, driving, and travelling--with the Wedge, which now comes with a sturdy handle.

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