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The RescueRollerTM  Kit

The unique effectiveness of the Original RescueRollerTM Kit has been highly recommended by physicians and chiropractors. The success of this Kit is due to:

  • the fully illustrated directions with step-by-step instructions of how to use the RescueRollerTM.

  • the BackRescueTM Audio Cassette which will help you re-educate and recalibrate the tension of your back muscles.

  • the specific, long-lasting quality foam that provides the perfect support to help release your back muscle spasm.

    TM Kit with Roller, instructions and audio cassette.
    Usually priced at $160.00 plus shipping.

    RescueRoller Covers designed for easy use by back patients. 100% Blue Denim,usually priced at $19.50.

NOW ON SPECIAL - $160.00 for RescueRollerTM Kit and denim cover, plus $12.00 shipping.

For orders within the United States. If you have any questions,please contact me BEFORE sending your check for $172.00, to:

              P. O. Box 28068
              Santa Fe, New Mexico
              87592-8068       USA

Please contact me via email: .

or call me at (505) 471-4194

Delivery 2 to 4 weeks.

Private sessions to learn how to use the RescueRollerTM are also available at La Escuela Feliz at discount with purchase of a RescueRollerTM .


The effectiveness of the Seating Dynamics Wedge is due to the construction which includes a thin, wooden insert beneath the foam surface. Only this specific firmness can provide the support which neurologically evokes the release of back spasm. No other Wedge is made with this insert, nor are they made with such quality and durability. $58.00.

This support is especially important if you spend any time using a computer!

Please send your check for
$58.00 to:

          P. O. Box 927
          Larkspur, CA  94977

For details, contact via email address:

        Or phone:(415) 389-6358

Please specify that you are ordering a Seat Wedge with Insert.



SPECIAL - All Four Eggs for $120.00, plus mailing costs.

Blue Egg--$45.00

Green Egg--$40.00

Orange Egg--$30.00

Yellow Egg--$25.00

plus shipping. For information contact via email:

Or call (413) 586-5971


The RescueRoller TM  Kit

Healthy sitting dynamics

Felicia and Jude on EGGS


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