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    Welcome to the BackRescue Bulletin Board. This Message Board service is provided for those who are using the products featured on, including the RescueRollerKit, the Seating Dynamics Wedge, the inflatable Eggs, and the BackRescue™ Cassette Kits. It is my hope that this online site will allow an exchange of experiences, benefits, and helpful information regarding these products. Many of your questions may already be listed under the headings of the conversation threads at this site. Please check to see if your particular inquiry has already been addressed before posting.

Due to spamming on this bulletin board, all those who have studied with me and wish to have their experiences and questions posted must send their emails to me directly for posting on this site.

The internet guidelines for ethical use of this site are listed at the bottom of page below the letters posted regarding my work. Thank you! Felicia


Posted by Lynn on October 17, 2001 at 20:39:08:

I just want to put it out there for anyone who's won-
dering if this stuff works, yes. I broke my neck six
years ago, and have had trouble with it frequently "going
out", resulting in headaches and a general pain in the
neck, pun intended. I'm a massage therapist, so my
first instinct was to get massage for it, which I did
for years. That process was great in alot of ways, but
my problem was still there. I've tried so many types of
bodywork but nothing decreased the frequency with which my neck went out until I started doing a move Felicia showed me (that she invented, I believe,) called La Chiquita. The difference has been incredible. It's
been five months now that I've hardly had any trouble
with my neck. It gives me hope that I can have a well
organized, versus weak and vulnerable, neck and body.
It's a fascinating and gentle process, too.


Posted by Anji on October 25, 2001 at 18:25:40:

I would like to take the time to offer some of the insights and changes that have happened in my life since practicing Feldenkrais and working with Felicia both individually and in a group class.

The first thing you should know is that I came out of necessity. I injured my cervical (neck) spine in February of 2000. The MRI revealed bulging discs. This was a painful and deabilitating injury. I had to rely on friends and family for basic living and functioning. I had never endured this type of physical pain before. Quite frankly, I was desperate.

I am usually not one to "promote" miracle methods, however, I believe that Feldenkrais saved my neck. In addition to my physical recovery, I was pleased to gain both emotional and spiritual insights. I think that having your body "organized" clears pathways at all levels. I am applying to medical school and usually operate from a driven, all or nothing, mentality. Having an injury was a great gift because it forced me to slow down and listen to my body. I actually took Felicia's advice and did not work for 6 months (really listen if she tells you this!). I believe it really saved my spine from further injury. The other changes I have noticed is a peacefulness, a sense of contentment and joy, ability to slow down and listen, increase in self confidence, change in physical appearance (I lost weight and stand taller), comments from people that I look "great", "beautiful", "fantastic", "happy", a boost in creative energy, clarity in what I want and how to go after it, the ability to "let go"
and not push myself through the moves to "achieve" a goal, and finally more patience and love for this body I inhabit.

I do not always understand the neurophysiology behind the Feldenkrais methods but I do recognize the brilliance of Moshe Feldenkrais and his students. I will be a medical doctor that refers patients to this method. I will continue to practice the moves on a daily basis and enjoy the changes that take place in my life.

I hope this information is helpful. I encourage you to explore Feldenkrais not only to recover from injuries but to prevent future aches, pains or injuries!

Warmth and Peace,

Anji Estrellas, M.A.


Posted by Melissa on November 24, 12001 at 22:32:24:

Your teaching is fun, superb, delightful and practically informative. I found your course content highly applicable and your teaching methods varied and gentle.

Thank you for bringing this information to a fun, easy to follow presentation and your love is so evident.


Posted by Amber on November 24, 2001 at 22:39:18:

Felicia demonstrates an intimate knowledge of the body--and a fascination and love for it. Babymoves is fun and easy to understand--Getting back to basics is beneficial. I adored the course. Felicia is an excellent instuctor--shows complete knowledge of her field and expresses it to others well.

I have great respect for teachers who show love and respect for their teachers. A course that leaves a student wanting to learn more is a good course. Thank you!


I completed your seminar in Las Cruces, NM back in January. I found your workshop to be very enlightening. Consequently, I elected to participate in your workshop in Santa Fe. I have gained considerable knowledge from both workshops. As a practicing Physical Therapist, I have been able to apply many of your methods to my patients with good results.

I would like to commend your professional and effective teaching abilities. Your ease with using and converting medical terms/situations into "layman" terms makes these workshops appropriate for every individual, regardless of the degree they may or may not hold. The atmosphere you generate is very relaxing and not at all inflexible as are many of the medical courses I attend. Moshe Feldenkrais would be very proud of your accomplishments. I look forward to attending more of your workshops. I highly recommend your workshops to fellow therapists, as well as referring patients your way.

Debi M-H, PT


Posted by June,PT on January 22, 2001 at 23:48:17:

As an instructor Felicia has wonderful speaking skills, relates to the audience enthusiastically and obviously enjoys her work. I enjoyed it all--the demonstrations, the ATM, the style, the lectures.

What was most meaningful to me was the obvious care and sincerity Felicia has for her clients and all of us as individuals in the class. Also her excellent observational skills!


Posted by Kerri, PT on May 19, 2001 at 00:24:00:

The workshop went above and beyond my expectations. Beyond the fact that the material is so relevant to people's general health and extremely useful for my profession(Physical Therapy)the teacher was exceptional. She is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Her teaching methods were well received by all of us, she made us feel very comfortable with this new knowledge we were gaining. I found Felicia professional and enlightening. In fact, I was so enamored with her work I have signed up for her ten week class being taught in Santa Fe this spring. She has made my experience with Feldenkrais very rewarding.
Sincerely, KC


Posted by Anne, RN on May 19, 1999 at 00:34:09:

I have recently completed an introductory course of Feldenkrais. I joined this class partly out of professional curiosity and primarily because of an interest in maximizing the function and potential of a back (and subsequent parts) curved with thirty odd years of scoliosis. I had no special expectations when I started out beyond this.

My first impression of the class was molded greatly by the woman teaching it, Felicia Trujillo. It is hard to say if I was more intrigued with the course information or the person presenting it. A fair analysis is probably that in my mind at least, the two seem integral. Felicia has the ability to move the student forward clearly, comfortably, and humorously on a path of self-discovery. She presents her material with the greatest respect both for the recipient and the information.

From the first class, I embraced the new movements with the enthusiasm of the beginner or the child and began to practice them as often as I could, at least once a day and sometimes more. I was surprised to discover that I had some internal longing for an aligned, mobile and responsive spine...something I had never consciously realized. My back at some place in the past had adapted to circumstances that were no longer part of my life. I had changed, but my body hadn't caught up.

Subtly, over the last nine weeks I have noticed myself integrating these new movements into my life. I have increased in height mentally and emotionally. I am taking deeper breaths. I have readjusted my rear view mirror several times. I can now lie and sit comfortably in positions I used to avoid.

I plan to move on the the intermediate course. I'm not sure where it's all taking me but I don't mind...the process is the adventure. Feldenkrais is like an active meditation and Felicia is a delightful and insightful guide along the way! Anne


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