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  At the onset of any painful back spasm, it is a proven fact that the most powerfully effective action you can take is to:

1. Lie down and let your back rest! Over 50% of back spasm will heal itself--with total rest, which means UNTIL THE PAIN STOPS.

Unfortunately, this is the most often ignored medical advice, which contributes to the millions spent on back surgery and unemployment due to chronic back problems. Just think--each day you rest may save you a month in recovery--or on medical bills!

This is the time to let your friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors learn the joy of helping others--Let them help YOU!

2. To protect your back from further injury, you must avoid lung infections and constipation, as any straining could result in disc injury. For an effective cold and flu remedy, see link for Dr. Elliott's Cold and Flu Kit on this site.

Also, a well-fitted back brace can give you much needed support during acute flare-ups, as well as protecting your back during heavy lifting. I recommend braces without metal inserts, just firm but stretchy support.

The next warning I always give to patients experiencing severe back trouble is

3. Beware of the Reptilian Brain! The Reptilian Brain is that ancient, deep-seated brain that has never quite caught up to the 20th --or 21st--Century. This brain is still back in the jungle and when you cannot run it decides (in its jungle survival logic) that if a lion doesn't eat you, the army ants will. Remember, this ancient brain does not recognize that you have pizza delivery service, cabs, doctors, or a RescueRoller™  coming in the mail.

If you begin to feel you are depressed out of proportion to your situation, do not decide that you are going nuts. It's just your Reptilian Brain talking to itself. So--

4. Read some great mystery novels, or otherwise keep your mind entertained.
Click here for a web site with descriptions of every type of mystery author.

5. Check with your physician to see if you can safely use a sauna and cold plunge routine, or just use long hot showers followed (gently, slowly) by as cold a shower as you can take. This can be amazingly effective for alleviating pain, and I counsel patients to incorporate this practice into their daily lives for pain control.

In my thirty years of dealing with severe back problems with myself and others, I have come to accept that there is one benefit of having to be flat on your back for a period of time:

6. This is a time for you to spend with your Self -- Go for it -- It could be a turning point in your life!

Everything you learn now about how to care for yourself will contribute to your health and freedom for the rest of your life.

7. In my lifetime search for back pain relief, I earned certification as a massage therapist and naturopath. I investigated using chiropractic adjustments, exercises and yoga-all without real success. The most effective process I found was The

This gentle, effective approach provides the most immediate pain relief, and the only real steps to changing your patterns at the deepest level of your nervous system-so the changes become automatic and effortless.

Where other modalities demand invasive treatment or unending exercises, the
FELDENKRAIS® Method helps you reprogram your body to:

  • Create relief from back pain
  • Reclaim healthy movement patterns
  • Recover from injuries
  • Improve your posture
  • Undo stress and stiffness

The best part is that this modality is based on infant developmental movement, so it is easy and fun to do!

To find a
FELDENKRAIS® Practitioner near you, see the International Directory of the

8. In closing, remember that you have every right to expect competent, caring, and ethical treatment from your medical and complimentary professionals. I also highly recommend making a list of your questions, having a friend or family member accompany you to doctor's appointments to help take notes, and fully researching your diagnoses and options for treatment. This is YOUR back!

©1999, by La Escuela Feliz, Inc. All rights reserved.


Click on the gold link for quick healing from colds and flu.

SAMBUCOL(R) Immune System now provides a syrup that contains many of the ingredients listed in Dr. Elliott's Kit.

Be sure to keep it in your fridge to take immediately at onset of flu symptoms.

As the only elderberry extract that is supported by controlled clinical studies, Sambucol(R) is found to reduce symptoms and shorten the duration of the flu when taken from the first sign of symptoms.

In a private table session you are gently guided to re-evoke long forgotten neural pathways, relieving pain and allowing freedom of movement.

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