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      This is a movement to release painful back and neck muscle spasm. You can do these simple moves in bed. If any of these moves cause you discomfort, please do much less. With babymoves™  less is more--and more effective. If any move hurts, please stop immediately--that is your body telling you to not do that particular movement. However, if you discover one of these steps feels cozy, linger there awhile--that is your body telling you that you need that movement.

You are about to retrace your steps as an infant when you first managed the awesome task of lifting your head, despite your having no muscular development and a huge head with a body rather like a tadpole. This original babymove™  is how you neurologically first programmed your neck and back:

Lie on your stomach with your legs comfortably apart and your hands near your head, palms down. Lazily lift your head and look directly in front of yourself to check what your current range of motion is--don't do a push-up or use effort. It is only by NOT pushing that you will measure accurately.

Lay your head down, turned to the more comfortable side. If this creates any discomfort in your neck, place a small pillow or folded towel beneath your chest so that your neck is not strained.



Imagine that your upper body, from your head to your waist, is a single piece. Gently slide your head, arms, and chest in thesame direction that your nose is pointing. You will bend sideways from your waist, but your hips and legs will remain where they are. Slide a little LESS than you can and rest. Make any tiny adjustments for your comfort--or snuzzle--and rest for about three normal, garden-variety breaths.


Return to your first position and rest. As an infant you probably spent hours napping in these positions.



With your nose still pointing in the same direction, just slide backward in exactly the same way, bending slightly from your waist. And rest there for about two or three normal breaths.

        5. Now slide the top of your body back to the middle, back to your beginning position and rest again. Take a deep breath and nonchalantly lift your head to look directly in front of yourself again. Is something different?

Many people discover that their heads lift more easily or lift higher before they know it. This babymove™, The Side Snuzzle, is featured here because it releases so many back muscles, and begins to free your ribs. If you look carefully at the anatomy page, you will see that all of the muscles that can cause you pain attach to your ribs. Once we grow up, we seldom move our ribs in this healing, natural way. My clients have found this is their favorite and most effective babymove™ undo neck and back pain. See the BackRescue Cassette Tapes link for information on more moves.

�1999, Babymoves, A Quantum Leap For Humanityby Felicia Noelle Trujillo. All rights reserved.

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